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5 Reasons Why Crash Diets Fail

I have met several people who want to lose weight fast and indulge in the famous crash diets. Diet is not just about a special course designed for medical purposes but it also refers to the commonly ingested food by anyone, person or animal alike. Unfortunately though, many affix the meaning of the word to a restrictive course which is set for a certain period of time and the main objective of which is to lose weight.

The minute you listen to the word diet your mind immediately conjures up tasteless, bland foods, a period of starvation or semi-starvation, depriving yourself of tasty food for a fixed period of time.

Here are some reasons as to why these diets or the crash diets often fail.

  • Uniqueness of the individuals:
    • Each of us is different and has a different biochemical constitution in our bodies. We have different physical attributes and that is why the needs vary from one person to another. While a diet comprising of low calorie food can work for one of you, it may not do so for all.
  • Deprivation:
    • When you suddenly push your body to follow a strict lower calorie course every day, it will start fighting it and when you actually give in you will be binging on more items than you wanted to. In fact when you suddenly lessen your intake, your body thinks that you are in the famine state and stores up whatever it can in the form of fat. And you are actually losing strong muscles too. And in the end when your body prevail the fight and you give in to the desire, binging your way through sweets and junks, you think you have failed for lack of willpower. There are some of us who follow a strict diet for the entire week and reward ourselves with junks over the weekend, completely absolving the diet we had followed. Again we start following a stricter routine from Monday to continue through the same cycle. This cycle might just end up in you gaining weight rather than losing. When you take up crash diets, you have every chance of bouncing back to eating junk which was the reason for you to gain weight. Also referred to as the “Yo Yo dieting”, this can have serious health repercussions.
  • No change with diet:
    • It is a common misconception among people that they can follow the diet when they want to lose weight and then go back to their old ways of eating and they will continue to remain slimmer. In this case, you are not changing your lifestyle in any way and hence the change doesn’t sustain. If you want to retain the change to your body, you need to bring changes in the way you eat, delve deeper on what you consume every day, how we consume, etc. You need to see which would work good for your body. It is not just about counting the calories that you ingest. You also need to see the foods that can cause inflammation, the biggest trigger to obesity. You need to identify the bad foods and ensure that you stay away from them. You have to include healthy variations, foods rich in fiber, protein and of course good fats.
  • Warring with the food:
    • When you are dieting, you are inevitably warring with your food, trying to deprive yourselves of the joy it brings. When you start including protein rich, high fiber content food into your diet, and start looking at them as nourishment, you will truly succeed. The way we look at our food is the way we can improve our relationship with it and with a better relationship with the food comes a healthy weight loss strategy.
  • Damages metabolic process:
    • Your body starts feeling stressful when you lower the calorie intake suddenly. As we already saw before, it will only make your body think that you are in starvation mode, lowering your rate of metabolism, increasing the fat storage so that you have enough energy. And there are chances of you damaging the thyroid function as well. In fact, if you happen to become hypothyroid, your chances of losing weight go down significantly.

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